Client: ZHAW, Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Description: Every year ZHAW has hosted an art exhibition. The goal of this two-week rebrand pitch is to increase student interactivity, which has dropped drastically in the last few years. The rebrand consists of student collaboration with ZHDK, changing the focus, and color scheme, every semester. 
The logo design was a simple mixture of science and art, in order to celebrate the collaboration of the two disciplines. This was the main focus of the pitch; to use the various courses as a focal point for the external artists to use to create the exhibition.
Having created the logo, I decided to implement this on the official Instagram page, making it look and feel more like an official part of the brand and the university as a whole. In addition, the students would be more likely to see the information and quickly know what's happening.
In the past, it has been difficult to find information on the exhibition, A separate website following the color scheme of the different exhibitions and flyers using the same style. As you will notice, the pitch included various color schemes representing the separate exhibitions each year. This way, the branding can differ but remain familiar.
As for the navigation of the exhibition, this has also been an issue in past exhibitions. There were a lot of restrictions to take into consideration (i.e., avoiding any permanent changes to the walls and not blocking the corridor). We decided it was best to have a clear walkway using colored stickers on the floor/walls and use the 'free' space to add temporary fixtures to the walls
Finally, we felt it was necessary to make the first exhibition memorable, with free branded soap and coasters for the students to take home (these were chosen as relevant items to student life, and to pay homage to the building which used to be a soap factory).

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